Not another agency year in review

2018? It’s been emotional, chaotic, challenging, awesome

Let's start with a confession: we didn't write this to get likes, shares, and comments. Not this time. We wrote it because we like throwbacks, because it feels nice to give some credits, and it gives us a boost to rock on in 2019. We wrote this one mainly for us, but we'll let you peek at our year in review. Here we go, some random facts and memories from our 2018.

Each year in December we take a two weeks holiday. Last year, just before leaving to shred the slopes and trek the mountains, we made this short compilation of our best 2018 projects, and it does feel good seeing a year of work in just a few seconds.

This is how one year of hard work and well-deserved fun looks in 51 seconds.

More people, more concerts, more fun

Marius, Andrian, and Simona joined us in 2018 and quickly passed the initiation process. Rock concerts + mountain hiking + office cooking. We're good.

We traveled more, attended more concerts and almost all the festivals around, read more, tried new sports, held creative workshops, and got inspired. We ended 2018 in the best shape we've ever been.

We just love interns

Interns are fresh, curious, energetic, intrigued, confused. They challenge us, they annoy us, they motivate us. Best and worst employees ever. In 2018 we reached a new record: 21 interns. No other explanation is required.

Even if you don’t call, let me just say “good job!” for the fun environment you’ve created at the workplace and for the marketing campaigns used to promote it. It really made you stand out as a company. (Candidate, with love)

Pro processing processes

2018 was the year of changing and improving processes, trying new tools, finally understanding how to use the old ones, and working better with external teams.

Ahoi Frisbo!

Frisbo, one of our most important clients and probably the coolest startup in Romania, got its second investment round, which accelerated its growth. Way to go, Frisbo! #muchlove #startuplife

UX/UI for Frisbo, the efulfillment platform

Hey F64, what’s up?

We're big photography fans, some of us with a serious pedigree. And since F64 is the biggest photography shop and community in Romania, we thought we should work together.

Oh, but their site looks so old school. Let's pitch some impressive stuff, and they'll get crazy to work with us. Draft a new design. Send convincing email. Get a new client. Done. And so, we launched the new F64 blog.

Design and development for F64 Blog

Innovators much?

Later on, in between cocktails and pool parties, we just got into the RINF TECH challenge. How about completely changing their positioning from outsourcers to innovators, going through a long process of analysis, strategy, new visual identity, new website, new everything. It took a while, but look at them now!

RINF TECH's new awesome logo
RINF TECH identity

We have a crush for startups

When Zitec told us they are about to launch a team management app and need some help with the branding, we popped the champagne. Several months later, we proudly launched the Mirro brand — positioning, naming, visual identity — and had another party to celebrate it.

Mirro naming and logo

Hello God, it’s us, your favourite digital agency

One thing is for sure in this industry: you can hardly get bored. Last year we worked with the Conference of European Churches and set them up for the 2018 General Assembly held in Novi Sad. If that's not cool and unexpected, then we don't know what cool and unexpected is.

Take that 1951 brand and make it scream “2020”

Here's a hobby we practice from time to time. Work-related, of course. We take national, famous brands with local roots, break everything into pieces, and then put them back together with a new positioning and look. We did this for Farmacom (active in the industry since 1951!), and we are ready to take over their online presence this year.

We love nature and nature loves us

Living in Brasov, we know we're privileged; we can be up in the mountains in less than an hour, and we want to enjoy this for at least the next 4537 years. So one of our proudest moments was launching — a platform where you can report issues that threaten the environment — a WWF project. web design and development

The kids are all right

Outside the projects boards. Outside the clients' ideas.

There's a thing about internal projects: there are no limits. Just go wild with that design, f*ck the grid. Wanna write the copy in Spanish? Ok, do it. Wanna glitch the website to hurt users' eyes? Do it.

Pack your things

Move to Brasov was a breath of fresh air. Literally. We had breakfast on Tampa mountain to make sure we got the perfect photo for the project. It was a recruiting campaign (was it, really?), and we got looots of CVs and good vibes.

April Fools?

If it's not daring, it's lame. So we made it daring. We made fun of us on our 404 page and let everyone else do it. It's easy: mix some agencies' cliches with random words, and you'll see our point.

Demisol love

We finally managed to launch a website for Demisol, our own coworking space. To make it even more challenging, we went through a complete rebranding process and created a new logo, spread posters downtown, and got some awards for it.

Demisol — the free coworking space in Brasov, Romania.

The best garden party this city ever had. Period.

And we organized it. And it was free and open and fun and… Just check this out.

High Contrast Garden Party

What’s next

2019? It's going to be tough, overwhelming, ambitious, bold. We are in the best shape we've been so far. Let's do this.