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F64 Web design and development

From online specialists to photo passionates

F64 is Romania's biggest photography community offering recommendations, tutorials, reviews and events. The brand's pasion and dedication are highly appreciated by photography lovers, visual artists, young photographers or already famous ones. We love to work for brands we believe in, so we invited them to make team for a project. And this is how the blog redesign story started.

F64 blog wireframes - 02F64 blog wireframes - 02

The entire redesign gravitated towards the emersive information offered by the brand. Keeping in mind the brand's style and communication, our focus was on creating an interactive photography journeys.

A new look, the same passion

The passion guiding the brand and its followers is present in every section of the blog. We ensured that the layout is clean and familiar, while the reading experience is highly immersive. New technologies were added to help reader enjoy their journeys. Just try the new search and see how easy it is to find all the information that drives your photography passion.

Mockup wideMockup wide

All you need to know is right here

F64 can now proudly presents its addictive information, recommendations and events in a new, clean and immersive manner. If you are a visual learner, photographer or passionate freelancer, this website is for you. Just have a look.

Web-Showcase-Project-Presentation 02Web-Showcase-Project-Presentation 02

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