The new F64 identity

We know that photography means more than technology, equipment and information. As usual customers of F64 we were always impressed by the passion and potential behind your brand. We also know that design is a crucial element both in photography as well as in digital.

And as we combine both your passion for photography and our experience in crafting digital experiences and identities, here is our proposal. 

Products view 03Products view 03

The first thing that we wanted to emphasize were the products and their features. We knew each product needed a clear and modern environment, the reason why we have opted for a listing display and clear demarcation of each product in individual cards. 

Services view 04Services view 04
Clips view 02Clips view 02

In order to offer dynamism to the entire shopping experience, we have inserted a section dedicated to videos about photography, technologies and advice offered by passionate or renowned photographers. 

Navigare view 02Navigare view 02

The navigation experience was improved by adding a mega-menu that centers around the main product categories, brands and helping customers find the products that they need.

A new shopping experience

The new design was created based on the latest trends in digital: simplicity, dynamism and crafting an enjoyable shopping experience. A strong online presence for a strong brand. The responsive design also comes as an imperative, allowing passionate customers to browse and order their favorite products from any device. Just have a look.


Homepage desktopHomepage desktop
Product desktopProduct desktop
Homepage mobileHomepage mobile

What's next?

This is an identity developed based on our flair and a rather basic creative process, the complete website redesign for F64.ro would get a much more refined approach, more time and of course, more detailed layouts. Let's talk!



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