The strange kid from the block

You can't just mention your job title without being asked the worldwide series of questions from 'How to make people feel bad about their job no matter what guide. Especially when you work in an agency. 

Yeah, nice meeting, but have you seen the Site of the day?

Your mom still has no clue what you are doing (this might help), most of your friends went corporate or got their own business, and your cousin Laura just became a lawyer. LAW-YER - a regular job title that anyone can write, read and understand. How can you compete with that?

Think about trying to explain what you do for a living at a family dinner: 'Yes, mom, Brand Strategist is a real job, and it's exhausting'. They'll nod and talk to Laura about the latest laws that will affect inflation. 

So since it doesn't make any sense anyway, we decided to make our own job titles.

We let you choose your own job title

The funniest part of agency life is that you can choose your own job title. Kidding, it's not a fact, but we turned this into a rule in High Contrast. You may wonder what kind of bloody trick is that: we want you to have a job title you are proud of! That's it. Are you still thinking that something's fishy?

Let me explain the basics of this fantastic strategy: once you are looking for a job and see the title you are supposed to have, you detach yourself from the most important thing - the work itself. So why would we give you a fancy title and risk to cover only half of your skills instead of presenting what shall be your duty? 

Do we hire people for real? It feels more like we're enlarging our kindergarten.The Interns

Drop by, say hi!

Building job titles from scratch

We can be whatever we want if we master what we have to do. That's the secret.
And we got this with three simple questions:

What are we, overall?
A bunch of almost grown-ups with a crazy love for branding and digital.

What's our common goal?
To do impactful projects, be happy at work, feel challenged, have satisfied clients.

What's our superpower?
Everything you say can give us an idea. Watch your words.

Your dream team of all time

This is what we got so far. Chosen by the owner itself or nominated by the team, we made a selection of invented and hard-to-take-it-seriously job titles:

The Happiness Manager

Also known as Momma for the habit of helping anybody anytime with each and every task ('What do you all want from me? I had my earphones for one second already…') - there is absolutely no resting moment for such an organized person who has to schedule all of our tasks and take care of our well being while keeping clients happy.

The Trouble Maker

Pretty good at being in charge and the best at ruining your hopes when it comes to the final feedback - no, neither the 20th version of your subject line is not enough. Try five more. Saying YES to one more project that seems impossible? Say no more! You thought your freshly launched website was bug-free and pixel perfect? What about these 7 "improvements" that should be done asap? Fun girl, isn't she?


The Brand Evangelist

Hunter of new business and fresh ally helping to conquer the Social Media world. She's the one searching for companies that look like crap on the Internet. Then she made sure they got the point and asked for help with the online presence. Ding-dong, here's Brand Police, and you're arrested for not being in trend.

The Prince Charming

He is the old-school gentleman talking to the clients—the guy with the quickest solution for everything. Basically, part of that Bonnie and Clyde couple of the agency life next to the Happiness Manager. More relaxed than his partner in crime. Less serious. But hard-working, just like he's supposed to be.

The Software Knight

First of this duty, defender of Magento and WordPress and the blamed one for any bug. He has a massive responsibility with all the coding stuff, and he is restless until the very last moment of launching. Kidding, he is never done. Restless always and forever.

High Contrast Feedback Moment

Design Anarchist

Besides creating digital art, he has some little interns to prepare for the adventure on the Internet. Well, everybody in the agency has, at some point, but here things become even more challenging. There's no rest for him neither as long as the ugliness is freely traveling the digital world.

The Digital Abecedarians

Our kids are better than yours! They are here to complete their internship and have some fun with us as a bonus - we call them Interns for who's asking, but they are whatever they want to be. As long as they closely follow the masters already here. We've been impressed by the smarties reaching to us. They grow up so fast...Agency life

Hard-working people are pretty messy sometimes.

The Wizard of Light Bulb Moments

And some drums here for the one and only Creative Director (dum tsss). He's like the supreme authority in the agency, and supposedly nothing can get out of here without his permission. An idea generator with a genuine 'not impressed' attitude. But the guy really minds his business. Can you feel his explosive energy yet?

It really is what it looks like. We will always let you choose your job title.High Contrast is hiring

We're hiring. Any recommendation?

Do you think it's a coincidence that you are reading this right now? Cause it's not. We happen to be looking for graphic designers, so it's time to join us and convince yourself of all we've been talking about above.

Here are some ideas to inspire you for your next job title:

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