How it all goes down…

Networking is priceless. Especially when you are looking for a job. Imagine this situation: 'Haha, yeah, and I was there talking to X, done that when I was a child, and so did Y. No way, do you like french fries too? Omg, haha, hired. You are hired.'

Is this how I got hired?

Partially. Long story short, I was hanging out with some friends of some friends when this happened:

- Don't you happen to know someone who wants to make some sales in High Contrast?

- Um.. well.. me? I guess. I don't know. Sure, I can do it!

- Ok, see you on Monday for a friendly talk.

- What?

- What?

- I mean, yeah, sure, see you soon!

The interview

You know you're talking to the CEO trying to conquer her heart. The guy next to you is never gonna stop talking and asking you everything in the world. Then you find out he is the founder—that kind of friendly talk. I've been talking about the things I like, other than the french fries, about my past accomplishments and the incredibly bright future I see for myself and High Contrast. Of course, only if they accept me. Fake it until you make it.

It must have been love at the first talk. Or at least love at the seventh version of the email I had to come up with for the next day.

Welcome to the funhouse, newbie

The first few days compared to nothing. All of your thoughts scream that this is the dream job. You meet your co-workers, have lunch together, and the masters fight for the mentorship—everything for you to feel comfortable with your position.

Agency life is cool, all fun and laughter, until one of the not-so-fresh team members asks you a simple question: what is a style guide?

Wait, what?

Now you're doomed. Start pretending you're busy and summon all the tasks you've never had, but that is very important and can't suffer any delay. Fake it, get some time.

Here's a life-saving piece of advice: do NOT ignore any of your co-workers' requests, never ever in this life. You won't get far with that.

Our lovely cactus assistant.

Now what?

One of the most important lessons I've learned since I got here is that nobody forgets any task. Not even yours. They always remember. And they haunt you. If they seem not to, for sure there is something else with the same importance that needs to be done. Or at least it should be.


There is no escape. Emails. Sticky notes on your desktop. Slack messages. Everything in the office is a powerful weapon against your lack of knowledge. So go find out what's this hecking style guide. Time's up for pretending.

What are all these about?

This is it, your saviour

Ladies and gentlemen, aunts and grannies, newbies around the world, let me introduce you FAKEIT.DIGITAL, the easiest way to save your ass from this kind of trouble. Let me explain: this is a funky dictionary with daily used terms in digital agencies. Highly recommended for noobs, dummies, interns, neighbors, lovers, friends, and families of people who work and live in agencies worldwide. Even your mom will understand what you do. So should you.

But let's see how this is going to help with the daily struggle in the agency life. These are some of the most important things you have to know:

And then the others. But you will get used to them, don't worry. Style guide, you said? What a pain in the ass…

Time was passing by, and so was Robert's patience. (Forgot to mention, Robert is the one backstabbing me with this question). 'Try Brand Manual', he told me. What a merciful man he is!

Go to B, Brand Manual: Don't get anxious; it's not an IKEA instruction manual, but an essential document with excellent images, rules, and instructions for using a brand. Clear now? Go tell Robert, your personal trouble maker co-worker. Would he be pleased? Would you be allowed to leave the office without 50 squats? No one knows. Be brave. Go hard or go home!

Happily ever after

I was about to get an extra task as a punishment for trying to get rid of this blessed question, but a pair of puppy eyes saved me just in time.

Warning! Don't try this at work. The only escape is to fake it. Fake it until you make it.

Here you can find the easy peasy ABC of a peaceful life in the agency. Thank us later.