As a freelancer, you might find this familiar

You wake up past noon, grab a sandwich and you settle on your favorite spot on the couch. You read your emails while you enjoy a (hopefully) fresh cup of coffee and start working on your projects. You keep checking your phone craving for some interaction, but you know all your friends are at work and they can’t spend that much time on Instagram as you do. Your cat comes awhile and you try to complain to her about the feedback you just received from that moody client. You listen to “Under Pressure” on repeat every time you are really close to a deadline but you have to finish that last level of Clash Royale. You text your mother every time you get a new client even if she has no idea what you are doing.

Freelancing is fun, chaotic, fascinating, overwhelming, amazing. Since we met so many of you and we truly appreciate your work, we thought we can make things easier for you.

Meet Demisol, the open space

Well, we have an offer you can’t refuse. We found this open place just one floor beneath High Contrast office and we decided to keep it open. If you are a freelancer and you work mostly from home, we invite you to drop by.

Demisol is an open space where you can work at your own projects together with others freelancers from Brasov, Romania. You just have to bring your laptop and your enthusiasm, we'll take care of the rest. 

And what if we offer it for free?

You can now enjoy your (definitely) fresh coffee in a cozy office, surrounded by creative and eager minds, just like yours. Or you can share the latest design trends with someone who is really into typography. Remember when you were looking for a developer to make that idea work? Well, you can extend your network just by hanging out in a cool place.

Who can jump in?

We see this place conquered by designers, developers, copywriters, architects, illustrators, writers - basically anyone who works in the creative industry and needs some interaction from time to time.

What’s in for us?

We are in the creative industry in Brasov, Romania for 15 years and we think it's time to show some support for the brave ones. If you are familiar with our Get to know us! event, you know that we just want to meet you. At least for now (we'll recruit you later).

Claim your desk!

There’s a limit of seven desks for now, so you should be fast and bold. Claim a desk and tell us who you are, what you do and why would you like to hang around. We will get in touch with you shortly and set you up. To make sure we match, please read The rules before applying. The deadline for the first group of applicants is May 20th. So hurry up!

Claim your desk!