We confess. During not-so-creative-meetings, we often take a serious wise look, we approve by shaking our head and pretend to write something very important in our Moleskine notebooks. But you can try to guess what we are actually doing.

You might be familiar with the doodles, the flowers, the mazes, the stars or the random lines which are usually drawn during meetings. We are all doing it, no matter how captivating is the discussion or how stiff is the client. It doesn’t matter if we are designers, copywriters or account managers, we are all becoming artists during endless meetings. Maybe it’s because it helps us focus on a subject, or because we have too much energy that we don’t want to waste.

What is important to know is that's nothing wrong in doodling your mind. Experts agree that doodling helps us think through a problem and that awesome ideas might come while we scribble when we listen to something else. And it’s definitely more polite to draw than to play on your phone or answer emails during meetings.

Our designers do it differently

High Contrast designers are taking doodling to another level. No more pointless lines, no more chaotic circles or minimalist icons. Not a single piece of paper is wasted (we are an eco-friendly agency, by the way). So take a look at these "doodles" drawn by our designers, Bogdan and Gabriel, during brainstorming sessions, skype meetings with clients or (very productive) internal meetings.

Drawing during meetings helps me keep my mind focused and it's a great way to remain in a creative state of mind. Sometimes, my doodle characters are inspired by the conversations, but most of the time I just randomly draw my subconscious reality.

- Bogdan Dobrescu, Art Director @ High Contrast

  What do monsters and superheroes have to do with High Contrast interactive projects? We don't know. But we love browsing through these doodles from time to time, trying to make connections with the meetings we had.

We will keep track of our doodles & drawings on our Instagram accountFollow us to see what else can cross our minds during meetings and for more "life at High Contrast" images and insights. Do you like what our designers are doodling? Imagine what we could do for your project. Hire us now!