Wednesday, 11 October 2017, Brasov, Romania.

High Contrast Office

- Got your hiking heels? Your backpacks?

- Got them. Food supplies?

- The courage potion ready for Bogdan? Ready.

- Are we still waiting for Rares?

This is how our special Wednesday started.

A few weeks ago, we got an invitation from the SELFQUEST team to join them for an adventurous team-building program with rock climbing and hiking activities to test ourselves outside the office. And it was all for free since they were eager to get our feedback as a well-known team of extraordinary people, an offer we couldn’t refuse.

A trip to climb Cheile Râșnoavei on a Wednesday morning, with some of the coolest and smartest people I know. No amount of Trello-solved tasks can beat this.

When we got to the place, the SELFQUEST team presented us basic climbing rules and techniques and headed towards the activities area.

Climbing the mountain gave us a thrilling experience and a fantastic view. We were relieved to see Bogdan, our rockstar designer, come out unhurt from the experience. We took our time gliding over the tremendous scenery and could almost feel the branches of the tallest trees reaching our feet—quite an empowering experience.

We climbed, we slid, we glided. We rolled. And most of all, we enjoyed every moment.

You can see this in the photos; our faces tell a better story than any words describe.

I really liked the rock climbing, I always wanted to do this outside the indoor bouldering training and it was awesome. (Costin)

We also got some team challenges, and honestly, we were too good, too fast, too perfect for them. See the equally shaped square below or the ideal set tent we put together in 133 seconds (blindfolded).

Sports action in this perfect weather and the best scenery.

How can this get better? Just add some ad-hoc BBQ and a Truth and Dare creative game, plus some pleasant conversations. You got the perfect Wednesday @ HC. See our entire journey here: