Come on, it's fun!

For a digital agency, the Social Media world is critical, and any attempt to conquer it has to be highly calculated before each and every step.

Kidding. It's not that harsh. Do your magic. Have some fun, just like we did! 

This time is going to be about our newest concern, TikTok. Just in case you're still in 2016, TikTok is one of the highest-rated, downloaded, used, loved, worshiped (and so on, you got the point) video app nowadays. Its purpose is to help you create and share personal video content with users from all over the world. There are also some challenges to have fun with, but we're going to talk about this a bit later. Keep scrolling.

Catching up with online trends be like.

Where to, now?

In previous articles, we've been talking about the fake importance of having a job title, tips & tricks for newbies in the agencies, and some helpful tools. Now some other Social Media magic trick got us inspired. As we said, the great TikTok.

Hey there, agency life, could this be helpful to you?

How it all went down

No Social Media channel has its own and exclusive content. Think about the link between the apps and the possibility of sharing the content from one to another. All these trends are so spread that it doesn't matter if you've downloaded a particular app or not. You will indeed find some related content on any other channel at some point. And this happened to us with TikTok. 

So it all started with a bit of curiosity. A bit more, actually.

Spreading all over Social Media

First, we had to get familiar with the TikTok content in his natural habitat, not from some Instagram feed. Store > TikTok > Get the app. Now let's get it started.

So, step one: sell your soul to the devil by signing up. Once you have created your account, there's no way back. Trust us.

Step two: keep scrolling. Give a chance to each video. Inspiration comes in so strange and unexpected ways…

Step three: don't check the time; you might get a heart attack noticing that you've spent all day searching for inspiration' and you have to postpone your daily duties. Again. Step four: discover the trending challenges, rate them and accept them. 

Curious to find out what are these about? The answers are here and here. Step five: have you had enough fun? Good. Now go back to work and let people know what a fun life you have in the agency! That's the purpose, after all. So let's take some shots.

Extra tip: if you ever look at your coworkers and wonder... `what is going on inside their head?`, just keep in mind that what you find out might be harmful. 

Step six: got your video done? Post it! Don't forget about the relevant hashtags that make you famous. Be generous with them. Ok, not that generous; you don't want to cover your masterpiece. Clean, clear, clever, claim those damn likes & followers!

Double-extra tip: use some feedback before any final decision. Any experiment has to be approved first of all. Attention? Attention! More attention. Attention now, please! Thank you.

Step seven: no more steps. You're done. Stay tuned and see what happens.

The audience for this kind of post never dies.

Who else is an early adopter?

Even if TikTok is at the beginning as a commercial platform, it caught the attention of marketers, and they are falling for it one by one. From Chipotle to NBA and San Diego Zoo, brands started to be involved in this TikTok community more and more. 

Forget about the pixel-perfect and ten-steps-forward thought content! The boost of this movement seems to be that the audience enjoys less organized content, with the sense of "keep it real" and a more natural flow. And this couldn't be better for expressing the daily struggle in the agency, right?

Surprisingly or not, there is much agency life to offer to TikTok-ers, especially when it comes to challenges. There you had some of our ideas to be shared.

The future is under your nose

Everything is a marketing tool if you are brave enough. Or crazy enough. Or you have plenty of time. Just be bold. Try everything that comes out. The Social Media world is full of resources. So should be the inner you.

Do you need another piece of advice? Don't be afraid to introduce to your client the big boys, itty bitty boys, Mississippi boys, or the city boys by using TikTok when it comes to brand persona. Convince him that people going to love it even more! 

But that's enough for now. Conquer the world! Have fun! And stay tuned for more of our stories and experiments. 

Oh, we almost forgot, what about the relationship between postcards and Social Media stories as a future topic? Here's a picture to motivate your decision.

Mallorca, 2019, and Emilia's sense of humor